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PunQtum wired partyline intercom with Jules Hewitt


This presentation will be held onsite at the Riedel Sydney office

What we will cover:

  • A brief overview of the PunQtum hardware
  • Looking at the features of the PunQtum wired comms system
  • A review of the Q-Tool software


Practical demonstration of:

  • Overview/Navigation of the Q-Tool software     
  • Creating a QunPtum system     
  • Defining Roles and Assets    
  • Configuring Devices
  • Interfacing peripheral devices
  • Highlight key features of PunQtum

This session is free of charge. It is primarily designed for technicians and freelancers working with theatre and audiovisual systems.   This session is open to anyone who would like to learn more about how PunQtum wired intercom can be used to improve and simplify inter-team communication.



If you have heard of, seen or used wired comms systems in the past, and want to know more about PunQtum, then this training is for you.


Start: 7 May 2024
10:00 am
End: 7 May 2024
3:00 pm
Riedel Communications Sydney

Riedel Communications Australia, Dunning Avenue, Rosebery Sydney, NSW, Australia

Dunning Avenue 26-34
2018 Rosebery NSW

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