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What to expect:

In this session we will be looking at the Riedel Artist Intercom System & Bolero Integrated, specifically:

  • Building an Artist 1024 frame
  • Connecting Smart Panels
  • Integrating Bolero
  • Port Properties
  • Call Types
  • Virtual Functions
  • 4-Wire Audio
  • IFB's
  • Audio Patches
  • Dual-channel mode on panels
  • Troubleshooting / diagnosis (time dependent)

There will be time for Q&A at the end of the session.

Who is this event for:

This session is free of charge. It is primarily designed for freelancers working with intercom systems in either broadcast or non-broadcast environments but is open to anyone who would like to learn more about how Artist intercom can be used to improve and simplify inter-team communication.


To benefit most from this training day it is expected that participants come with some prior knowledge in the area of intercom and have a basic understanding of MADI, AES67, IP etc. No specific Artist or Bolero experience is required. 

Participants should bring with them a windows laptop with a RJ45 ethernet port or suitable adapter for intercom configuration.


This session will run from 10:00 - 16:00 at Riedel UK's office:

Chaplin House, Moorhall Rd, Harefield, Uxbridge UB9 6NS

*Please note this particular event is in person only and will not be streamed live or recorded*


Start: 25 July 2024
End: 25 July 2024
Riedel Communications

Riedel Communications Ltd

Chaplin House, Moorhall Road, Harefield
UB9 6NS Uxbridge
United Kingdom


Stephen Remich

System Consultant
Riedel Communications
Stephen Remich
  • Stephen Remich
    What do you enjoy most about training?
    I love to share what I’ve been able to learn. I love to learn new things just as much as I like to help other learn new things.

    How long have you been giving training courses?
    I’ve been helping train at Riedel since late 2017

    In which languages can you give training?

    What is your favorite kind of coffee?
    I like Kenya AA coffee the best typically. The smaller the batch, the better. French Press or Pour Over

    Cat or dog?
    Dogs! My partner and I have 1 dog right now and are fostering our 3rd of, hopefully many, fosters.
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