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Introduction to Riedel Artist Matrix Communications - with Jules


What we will cover

  • What is matrix communications vs partyline
  • The Riedel Artist system
    • What hardware goes in to making an Artist Matrix
    • Fibre expansion
  • Software
    • The Riedel Director software
  • Port calls,  Conferences and Groups
  • IFBs / Priorities
  • Discuss some of the more common functions available


  • Practical demonstration of:
  • Adding cards to a frame
  • Building up a basic system
  • Connecting to the system
  • Basic software configuration
  • Making a crosspoint



If you have already worked with matrix communications systems, then you probably already know a lot of the content of this course.

However you may benefit from seeing a system built up from scratch.

If you have never worked with matrix style communications systems, then it will be perfect for you!

We do however expect you to have at least a general understanding of the following:

  • What is basic communications

There will be plenty of opportunities for Q and A!


Start: 18 June 2024
10:00 am
End: 18 June 2024
3:00 pm
Riedel Communications Sydney

Online event

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  • Course outline Artist RWTART210123-2.pdf

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